custom houseHyatt Place Hotel - Cutom House

Saint Paul, MN

USAquatics, Inc. was hired by the General Contractor to design an indoor pool for the Hyatt Place Hotel that was built inside the former 17 story U.S. Post Office building in St. Paul, MN.   

The swimming pool is 20ft. x 27ft. and is a constant depth of 3’-4” and provides access via dual sets of walk-in stairs, as well as a fixed ADA lift. 

The pool at the Hyatt Place Hotel is one of very few Myrtha® Pools in the State of Minnesota.  Myrtha Pools are the most exclusive and advanced technology in the swimming pool industry and are suitable for being constructed above ground level.

The pool utilizes pre-engineered modular steel panel that allows for quick and easy installation. 

USAquatics, Inc. also offered this project as a Design-Build method of construction.

Pool water is filtered by a regenerative media filtration system and also utilizes UV for water treatment.  This facility is a perfect example of a design that provides amazing results, while also keeping ease of operation for those running the pool.