IMG 6265 edited 2New Prague Central Education Campus Addition & Renovations

New Prague, MN

USAquatics was hired by the City of New Prague for aquatic assessment to determine and help identify the mission, goals, objectives and priorities of the aquatic facility. New Prague, Minnesota Aquatic Center consists of a Joint Powers Agreement between the City of New Prague and the New Prague School District. USAquatics and the Isaac Sports Group lead the Joint Powers Committee, along with the City and School District Staff through the entire process of determining the proper and correct Programming Modeling, Financial Modeling and the Management Model to insure the final product in New Prague reflected the needs and wants of the entire community including both the City and School District.

Designed was an 8 – lane competition stretch pool with a floating bulkhead to separate diving. The stretch pool is 122’ x 61’ not including the zero-depth entry ramp into the shallow end of the pool. The stretch pool varies in depth from 3’-6” at the shallow end to 12’-6” at the diving boards. This pool allows for maximum programming as swimming and diving meets can take place during the same time frame.

The project also included a Recreation Pool that provides a zero-depth entry and water depths up to 3’-6” and includes: a current channel, sitting bench w/ jets, tot slide, embedded ground sprays and above ground play features. A hot water spa was also included in the design and provides ample room for patrons and divers before/after competition.

USAquatics services not only provided the research and detail necessary to make decisions, but they assisted all of the key stakeholders in developing the strategy and tactics to properly open, program and successfully operate the aquatic facility to meet the aquatic needs of the greater New Prague area both programmatically and financially. Allowing the end product to match the programs and needs of the community in order to assure the facility is sustainable and programmed appropriately to insure the proper usage of the operating financial success for all of New Prague, both the City and School District.    

Was compelted in September 2017.

Grand Opening will be held October 8th, 2017.