​ Velocity Aquatics is a year-round competitive swim team, committed to providing all ages with professional coaching, technique instruction, and an opportunity to improve swimming skills. This year, Velocity Aquatics wanted to participate in the Delano 4th of July parade, to give the swimmers an opportunity to bond as a team, as well as providing a recruitment and marketing opportunity for their swim club.

 Since it was Velocity Aquatics first time participating in the Delano parade, they held a small meeting with the parents to help come up with the theme and basic idea of the float. "We decided to do this last minute so we had to move quickly," Commented Jodi Jostock, Board Member of Velocity Aquatics and the lead of the 4th of July Float. "[We] then scheduled a time for all the swimmers and families to decorate the float." With the help of donations from USAquatics, Inc. and others, the Velocity Aquatics Swim Team were able to decorate their float and coast down the parade route in style, with families and swimmers on board. When asked if they hope to participate in next year's parade Jodi seemed enthusiastic, "The swimmers and families has a great time participating and it's excellent visibility for our swim club."

Find out more about Velocity Aquatics at teamunify.com or check them out on Facebook for upcoming events and news