Finding The Ideal Aquatic Accessories

With so many new and upcoming aquatic accessories and fitness equipment, it's hard to know which ones will best suit you and your aquatic center's needs. We have compiled a list of what we think can be a good start to helping you decide which equipment and activities to incorporate to your pool. 

Wibits: Durable, and removeable, inflating water play systems create a new and fun way to keep kids, and adults, entertained at the pool. Created by Wibit as floating obstacle courses, patrons can climb, run, jump, slide and balance on these inflatable systems. Conveniently set up and assembled, Wibit require electric pumps for inflating and deflating, provide connector straps for combining various combinations with a variety of ways to anchor the systems down, making them accessible for any pool. To ensure the safety of these features, Wibit provides durable materials, installation of systems, helps set up the best way for your Wibit to help your pool needs, and proper maintenance of sport park systems. Since these water parks can be inflated and deflated, they are ideal for open swim times at rec centers, or more permanent placements in deep ends. Not only do these systems provide extensive fun for commercial pools, standard and customized combinations can be used in open water as well.

Volleyball Nets: One of the obvious choices for an aquatic workout and game is water volleyball. A less expensive way to offer exercise, and requiring minimal equipment, just a net, ball and 1-4 players. These nets are a perfect way for competitive and casual play for all ages. Both portable and commercial grade systems are available for any size pool and aquatic centers.

Floating Mats: The new fitness revolution of combining paddle boarding with yoga has become so popular, some aquatic centers have incorporated this phenomenon into a new water fitness class. Mainly used with BOGA FitMat or Glidefit, aquatic classes incorporate yoga, pilates, even HIIT workouts, all while maintaining balance on these water floating mats. With stability, durability, uniquely design tethering cords, and a small footprint, BOGA FitMat is a "floating training platform", specifically designed for an amazing aquatic workout in any pool. A similar design and construct, but a floating fitness mat all its own, the Glidefit floats provide ultra stability, commercial grade material that can withstand multiple fitness classes per day, handles, tie downs and lightweight. Since these two float mats are similar in design and functionality, the real questions is which style you prefer.

Water Exercise Bikes: Sometimes referred to as aqua cycling or aqua spinning, water bikes are used as a type of water aerobics. These stationary exercise bikes are partially submerged in a pool, allowing the rider to remain underwater, giving them a full body workout. Pool bikes can be inserted and removed from the water when not in use to provide room for other activities. An article written for Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. regarding water exercises explained "Benefits of water exercises include increased buoyancy, which can reduce the stress on joints and thus ease pain and increase mobility‚Ķ With 12x the resistance of air in the pool, it's also a great workout as it builds and strengthens muscles."  

Basketball hoops: One of the easiest ways to provide some water fun is a pool basketball hoop. Floating hoops, that travel around the pool, are ideal for both kids and adults to play, most appropriate in shallow water. Stationary hoops, above the water in one fixed location with a backboard, are more suited for more competitive play. Along with competition and play, basketball hoops can be used for exercise, especially when the hoop is placed in deep water, and players are required to tread water and swim.  

 Water Pole Dancing: It's exactly what it sounds like, pole aerobics underwater. One of the main companies promoting this new marvel is Acquapole, offering both certified training courses for aqua fitness instructors and pool exercise equipment. With over 150 different exercises that can be done on there versatile apparatus includes strength, toning and cardio movements. The main construct is comprised of a pole and a base, that can be faceted to any pool with its unique suction caps. Along with the original Acquapole, three different types of attachments can be purchased for a variety of workouts. The Acquapole Boxing Bag, a cylindrical boxing that easily slides onto the pole and securely attached, offers a more cardio intensive workout and can appeal more to male users. The Acquapole T-Traction is a horizontal T-bar that can be added to the top of the Acquapole for expanding the range of exercises that can be performed, targeting upper body strengthening. Last is the Acquapole Elastic Pole, attached hook and rubber bands allow users to add new workouts, including flexibility and the ability to target multiple muscle groups, since the bands can be adjusted to any height on the pole. With so many options for a variety of exercises and clientele, water pole dancing is easily the newest wave of aquatic exercises.

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