Owner and founder of USAquatics, Inc., Tom Schaffer, began his aquatics consulting firm in 1991, located in the bustling metropolitan area of the Twin Cities, Minnesota. In 2004, Tom decided it was important for his company, employees and family to move to an environment that inspired their green philosophy.

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Family Owned, Professionally Operated, Passionate & Always Having Fun! We Love What We Do!

Now, nestled in the small town of Delano, Minnesota, USAquatics, Inc. has thrived. Inspired by the rural surroundings, USAquatics, Inc. grew their philosophy of sustainable and green aquatic facilities. Each design utilized the principles that every pool, waterpark, splash pad, and swimming facility should maximize efficiency and sustainability while lowering cost of ownership and construction. With over 100 years of combined experience in the aquatics industry, USAquatics, Inc. associates have been involved in over 2,000 aquatic facilities and have completed over $850 million in aquatic projects both nationally and internationally.

We are never afraid of getting dirty.

We spend a lot of time at the job site, observing and inspecting and progress of our aquatic projects. Our designers, project managers, all the way up to the President & CEO Tom Shaffer, put on their work boots and get into the dirt, mud, water and sludge. We believe it is important that we are grounded and down in the dirt for all our projects.

Tom Schaffer
Thomas R. Schaffer

President & Aquatic Consultant

Tom is a graduate of North Dakota State University with a degree in architecture and has been in the aquatic arena since 1974. His experience includes construction operation and consulting for a wide range of aquatic facilities. Tom is a strong advocate for close owner-client relationships and proper training of operators. These beliefs help create the exact facility an owner is after and the operators to maintain them properly. Tom holds a certified pool operator instructor certificate. Read moreClose

Rick Schaffer
Rick Schaffer

VP & Senior Project Coordinator

Rick has been in the aquatic industry since 1992, joining his father in an effort to grow an aquatic design and consulting firm. Drawing on prior construction experience, Rick started in technical design with a focus on construction detail. Rick’s experience has expanded to fill many aspects of the aquatics industry from early design and assessment to project management. Read moreClose

Dan Roseman
Dan Roseman, P.E.

Director of Engineering

Dan graduated from The Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. Dan began designing commercial buildings, bridges and structural forensics. Eventually, Dan found his calling for aquatics and has since provided design for twelve waterslide manufacturers, four water feature manufacturers, a skate park manufacturer and a roller coaster manufacturer. With over 16 years of design and project management experience, Dan also has an extensive background designing a variety of pools, spas, aquatic facilities and recreation facilities. Dan has a strong emphasis in structural and hydraulic engineering, a comprehensive knowledge of construction practices and a thorough understanding of construction materials such as structural steel, fiberglass, structural concrete, foundation systems, masonry, wood and timber. These qualities give Dan the ability to merge a great appreciation for structural integrity with the understanding for economical, efficient aquatic design. Read moreClose

Cody Buckley
Cody Buckley, P.E.

Design Engineer

Cody graduated from the University of Evansville with a B.S. Civil Engineering. He then graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an M.S. Architectural Engineering and M.S. Civil Engineering. Cody has applied this civil/structural background in the design and management of a variety of projects including: multi-story hotels, water treatment facilities, and structural condition assessments. However, he developed a passion for projects in the aquatic and amusement industries due to their challenging propensity for requiring both knowledge breadth and experience. Some of his favorite projects include: the design of free standing/retrofit structural support for monorail roller coasters, filtration and structural design for an aquatic therapy center, and structural design of aquatic playstructures aboard cruise ships. Whatever idea a client has, Cody looks forward to helping make it reality. Read moreClose


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