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USAquatics, Inc. is a prominent aquatics consulting, design and engineering firm. Established in 1991, USAquatics, Inc. gives pool owners and operators an independent source of information and design resources which have the owner’s best interest in mind. We have 100+ years of combined experience in the industry that we utilize in every consultation and design project. As of 2017 our portfolio represents $850 million in aquatic projects worldwide.

Sustainable Design & Consulting

We ensure our designs incorporate the most efficient, sustainable, green and easy to operate equipment available for all our client’s aquatic needs.

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We Listen and Guard Your Vision

Our team is known for listening to its clients’ needs and visions from conception and design development through operation of your facility, we will adhere to your values.

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Certified Pool Operator & Aquatic Facility Operator

All of our staff is either a Certified Pool Operator or an Aquatic Facility Operator. We also have instructors for both courses on our staff, allowing us to train your staff for everything from water chemistry to life guarding, prior to the opening of your facility.

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Legendary Aquatic Design Team

Como Waterpark Grand Re-Opening - Greenest Aquatic Project In US

USAquatics, Inc's Tom Schaffer is given special acknowledgment at the Como Park Pool and Water Park Grand re-opening ceremony. USAquatics, Inc. designed this state-of-the-art pool using LEED guidelines and B3 standards laid out by the municipal City of St Paul.

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la crescent pool project

Types of Projects

  • Private and Municipal Pools
  • Pool Renovation
  • Waterpark
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USAquatics Services

  • Design & Engineer Consulting
  • Feasibility Study
  • Construction Administration
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Whether your project is Municipal, Private, or Consultant we can handle it all with top notch quality and service. Click the button below for more information.

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Pool & Water Park Design Consultant 2,000 Aquatic Projects Around The World

USAquatics, Inc. has designed award winning pools, water parks and aquatic facilities for over 40 years. We have passionately designed, engineered, consulted, and constructed over 2,000 aquatics projects worth $850 million around the world. While we have served private and municipal city markets with populations over 375,000, our specialty is in the markets with populations between 3,000-25,000.

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Kasson, MN Aquatic Center Flyover

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Kasson Flyover

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USAquatics is a professional provider for the Facilities Development Department of USA Swimming.